Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality and Privacy

Tidy Rooms is a professional service. I will not divulge to third parties any personal or business details I see during the course of our work together without your consent, save as permitted or required by law or by relevant regulatory authorities.


Your situation may be mentioned in the context of Tidy Rooms' services but will be depersonalised and unidentifiable. For example, Clare in Surbiton or a client in London.


If are happy to permit the use of before and after photographs for promotional or motivational purposes, you will be required to complete a consent form.


If you would like to give a testimonial, please do so via the website.


To view our full privacy statement, please use the website. 



It is fundamental the the services I provide, that I help and support you to make decisions about your belongings and your home. It is important that you make the decisions yourself and I will not make them for you. You are, therefore responsible for obtaining any financial, legal or other professional advice that you may consider necessary to support any decision you make. I accept no liability for your decisions or the consequences of them. If you choose not to be available during a session, it may be necessary for me to make one-off decisions on your behalf (for example regarding the location of items or their disposal). These will be made in good faith and using my professional judgement. You will be advised of any decisions which have been made.



Tidy Rooms has public liability and professional indemnity insurance up to £1,000,000. This becomes active once the terms and conditions are signed by the client and Tidy Rooms. You agree to cover any breakages through your home contents insurance. 


Duty of care

You have a duty of care to ensure that your premises are safe to work in, and you agree to disclose as soon as possible any circumstances which might put Tidy Rooms at risk. For example, infectious medical conditions or structural weaknesses in your property. 


Limits of Work

I will work to the very best of my ability to achieve the organisation and presentation you desire. I will help you with post work clearing up such as hoovering, sweeeping and polishing. I will help you relocate items to more appropriate locations within the home. Any heavy lifting or moving of furniture will require additional assistance due to health and safety reasons. If extra help is not available at the time, it may delay or prevent the completion of the work to your satisfaction. 


Clutter clearance

Tidy Rooms can remove one boot load of items to the charity shop after each decluttering session. Time taken to dispose of items will be charged at the normal hourly rate unless otherwise agreed in advance (usually £10). Items are disposed of with your authorisation and responisbility is not accepted by Tidy Rooms for any item which you later decide was valuable; not to be disposed of; or which you cannot find at a later date. I do not have expertise to identify items of special value or rarity. The decison to dispose of an item is your responsibiltiy. I cannot dispose of items to the local tip but can provide you with information on local services and selling options. 


Hours of Work

You will be invoiced from when I arrive and leave site. Whilst a booking will be made for a pre-agreed estimated period of time, it is understood that it is not always possible to anticipate exactly how long a job will take. Depending on the pace at which we work together and the progress we make, it may be necessary to schedule extra hours to finish the project. Working hours are 9.30am - 5pm, Mon-Fri, depending on your location. 


Breaks and refreshments

I would expect a decluttering session to last 3 to 5 hours. If a session covers a lunch break then I will bring something simple to eat with me so we don't have to stop too long. Sometimes it helps to keep going to maintain momentum! Please feel free to stick the kettle on as and when needed!



My standard hourly rate is £35 in home or £30 virtual, charged in 15 minute blocks. For example, if our booking is until 2pm but we finish at 2.10pm, you will be charged until 2.15pm. This is unless otherwise agreed with you in writing in advance. 



Where the project is more than 45 mins driving time away from Surbiton, Surrey, travel will be charged at half the standard hourly rate for one way. Estimated timings will be taken from Google Maps. For example, a 45min to 1 hour journey to and from your location will cost £17.50 per visit. Where a journey is not made by car, receipts will be given to reimburse travel costs such as train tickets.


Payment Terms

Payment can be made by cheque to Lynda Wylie or by electronic transfer to her bank account. An invoice will be issued within 7 days of completion of each session and will be due 7 days later. Account details will be shown on the invoice. Please use the invoice number as your reference when making electronic payments. Unpaid accounts will be charged interest at 2% per month after 45 days of invoicing. 


Other suppliers or services

I am happy to make suggestions on the use of additional servcies such as cleaners, electricians, carpenters or handymen and can help to locate and book these services for you. I will do my best to ensure they are qualified to do the required job. However, I am not liable for the quality of their work, nor for any loss or damage caused by the supplier, it's employess or agents. Suppliers charges are payable by you to the supplier directly. 



Cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a discretionary 50% of the pre-booked session price. Please give as much notice as possible for a cancellation so the session can be allocated elsewhere. Thank you.