Bringing Tidy Rooms to your home

Our hourly rate is £45 (in your home weekday)

or £40 (remote session)


Included in the price

  • Free 30 min phone or remote consultation
  • Personalised action plan after your first session
  • Items removed to the charity shop
  • Travel to and from your location*
  • Research into local services such as furniture collection
  • Storage and product ideas
  • All rubbish, recycling bags and cleaning products provided
  • AND lots and lots of encouragement, enthusiasm, empathy and hands-on help!


Free Consultation

  • We'll chat about your situation and what you would like to achieve.
  • We'll think about how best to get started together and your vision for using your space in the future.
  • We'll find a way forward that reflects your needs, your way of living and your personality and style.


Working area

  • Surrey and other nearby home counties
  • SW London
  • Remote sessions can be booked from any location!

Session booking

  • Book and pay for sessions as you go 
  • Minimum 3 hour weekday booking
  • Book a couple of sessions at a time to ensure continuity
  • Saturdays by special arrangement only £60/hr in home or remotely


Decluttering and organising

We'll begin by analysing your space and any challenges you may be facing. We will tackle everything together, making decisions about what to keep, what to donate and what to let go. We will find the best homes for your keepers, organising and cleaning as we go. Lynda will encourage and motivate you through the whole process from start to finish, working at your pace. She will give you suggestions on storage solutions and how to maintain your new space. 



  • You can pay at the end of the session (preferably by BACS but also by cheque), or on receipt of your invoice.
  • The hourly rate is £45 in your home weekday or £40 remotely, charged in 15 minute blocks.
  • Saturdays by arrangement £60/hr in home or remotely
  • You do not pay VAT on top of this rate.


Sample price

An example £180 to organise your living room.

This might include:

  • an initial phone consultation
  • 4 hours of decluttering and organising on a weekday
  • a boot load of items taken to charity
  • a couple of black sacks to your wheelie bin
  • a phone call to the local furniture recycling charity to collect your old table and bookcase
  • rearranging your furniture to improve the layout
  • hoovering and polishing
  • a follow up email with links to storage ideas for your sewing and craft supplies
  • plus lots of motivation and encouragement to spur you on
  • as well as tips to show you how to keep your room clutter free in the future.

Great value and a worthwhile investment that will bring peace and calm to your home and mind.


Filing and Life Admin

Tidy Rooms provides a totally confidential service to our clients and we are happy to support you with your life admin tasks such as creating and maintaining systems to get things done. We can help you create a filing system and teach you filing techniques, as well as edit and maintain an existing system. This is charged at our standard hourly rate. 


Removal and disposal

At the end of each decluttering session we can dispose of up to one boot load of items to the charity shop. We are not able to remove items to the local tip, but can advise you on local services for removing waste. This is included in our hourly rate.


Selling on

Lynda can make suggestions about how and where to sell your items.  



If you have specific needs which Lynda is not able to support you with, she will research the appropriate service providers and refer you on to them. 


* 45 mins free travel from Surbiton to you is included. Please see our terms and conditions for travel costs over 45 mins.


Lynda will be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact her directly on 07950 253 773 or use our contact form.