Remote decluttering sessions


Min 30 min booking


If you prefer not to have visitors to your home, or would enjoy frequent or shorter sessions, then this may be the option for you.


Lynda works alongside you remotely, providing the same professional support as in home sessions. We can tackle your kitchen cupboards, paper work backlog or garage organising - anything that might need decluttering or organising in your home.


Together we'll identify what you want to achieve, discuss any challenges you might face along the way and get you started. We'll make decisions about your things, identify organising strategies and suitable storage solutions.    


We can declutter together on camera or break the session into segments, allowing you the opportunity to work on your own and check back in with Lynda at significant points or at the end of the booking.  


These sessions require a face time camera so we can see each other and your home. They ususally run for 30 mins - 3 hours and can be a fun, productive and encouraging alternative (or addition) to in home sessions! 


Please do get in touch if you would like to know more!