Remote decluttering sessions



Lynda works alongside you remotely, providing the same quality professional support as in-home sessions.


Together we can tackle anything that might need decluttering or organising in your home or work space.  Whether it's your kitchen cupboards, paperwork, photo organising or straightening up your garage, we can find a way to make it happen.


We'll identify what you want to achieve, discuss any challenges you might face along the way and get you started. We'll make decisions about your things, identify organising strategies and find suitable storage solutions.    


We can declutter together on camera or break the session into segments, allowing you the opportunity to work on your own and check back in with Lynda at significant points or at the end of the booking.  


These sessions require a facetime camera so we can see each other and your home. They usually run for 30 mins - 3 hours and can be a fun, productive and encouraging alternative (or addition) to in-home sessions! 


If you prefer not to have visitors to your home, or would enjoy frequent or shorter sessions, this may be the option for you.

What our clients say about remote sessions


Yvonne in Surrey


Lynda is brilliant at helping with home organisation and understands well the difficulties people can face in letting go of things they no longer need. She is always kind and supportive and has lots of good ideas.


Having worked with her face to face, I recently tried online remote sessions, which I initially thought may be less effective but which I actually found very helpful indeed.


Having your own personal coach as you declutter and re-organise your space is very supportive and empowering. Just having someone there to bounce ideas off and help you keep focus on your goals is hugely helpful and Lynda is full of helpful tips and advice as you move forward.


Lynda will always work at your pace and is never judgemental or too pushy, which I have found very reassuring when life threatens to become overwhelming. She inspires you to carry on moving forward between sessions too. I really strongly recommend Lynda and Tidy Rooms.