Training Courses

Starting a Professional Organising Business


CPD Accredited, 2 half-days online, small group learning


Thinking about becoming a Professional Organiser, or just starting out with your business? Looking for some professional and friendly support from other organisers who've been there already?


Lynda is a regular trainer on this fantastic all-round course produced by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.


We will help you discover the type of Professional Organising practice you would like to start or develop. You are not required to have set up your business yet or be an APDO member to participate in this course.


The key topics covered include:

  • What Professional Declutterers and Organisers do and what types of clients they might work with
  • Ways to work with your clients
  • Manging specific client challenges
  • An introduction to setting up systems to manage your business and what to charge
  • Promoting your business to engage your first clients

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Paperwork Simplified

CPD Accredited, 1 full day online, small group learning


There is no other course like this!


It's a comprehensive, deep dive into all things paperwork that will leave you feeling more confident of your ability to work alongside your clients and their paperwork challenges. 


Produced by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers and delivered by Lynda and one other trainer, you will cover:

  • Discovering your client's individual paperwork needs and challenges
  • Practical techniques and strategies to consider when working alongside clients
  • Common emotional challenges faced by a diverse range of clients
  • Common ways to sort, categorise, file, display and store paperwork
  • Strategies for setting up and maintaining paperwork systems, habits and routines
  • Safe paperwork disposal


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Exquisite Listening and Responding

2 half-days online, small group learning


This course will change the way you listen and respond to others!


Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced professional organiser, this course can help you to reflect on your practice and devlop your listening and responding skills.


It's a game-changer for you and your clients. 


The key topics covered include:

  • An explanation and exploration of a deep listening model
  • An introduction to Clean Language
  • Explanation and practice of the GROW coaching model
  • Consideration and practice of active listening, paraphrasing and reflecting back
  • Consideration and experience of subtle nuances in our language and a list of magic questions
  • Reflections on ways to keep conversations with clients comfortable, productive and safe


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