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Tidy Rooms can help you declutter and organise any space in your home. From a kitchen, bedroom or home office, to a loft, garage or shed - even your whole home. 


  • Overwhelmed by your things and don't know where or how to get started?
  • Constantly losing things and wasting precious time looking for them?
  • Finding it difficult to relax at home and craving a sanctuary to escape to?
  • Moving home and needing help before or after the move?
  • Paperwork piling up and struggling to get on top of it?
  • Builders starting soon and you need to get ready for their arrival?
  • An elderly relative needing a safe, accessible home?
  • Bereaved and needing company to sort through past memories?

Tidy Rooms offers gentle, friendly and confidential guidance to help you get started, make decisions and stay motivated to reach your goals.


Our free phone consultation is the first step towards organising your space and helping you maintain your tidy rooms in the future. 


Our hourly rate is £45 (in your home weekday) or

£40 remote session

Lynda is a 10 year + member of the UK's Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers


Lynda is proud to be a UK trainer for APDO's

Starting a Professional Organising Business and Working with clients: Paperwork Simplified



Lynda is an APDO volunteer responsible for the APDO blog and member of the Surrey APDO networking group. 

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