Living room

This living room was hard to keep tidy and seemed to lack storage. After decluttering, it became clear that the existing storage was more than ample but needed re-arranging to make the most of it.

We re-arranged the furniture to create zones within the long narrow space so there were clearly defined areas for things to be stored and activities to take place. 

The TV was originally located towards the centre of the room and blocked the flow of the living space. 

We moved the TV into the corner to enable us to clear the centre of the room and ensure cables were tucked out of the way. The DVD collection was consolidated into two existing storage units and brought together for ease of use.

Before the room was decluttered, it was not clear how to use the space. There was clutter throughout the room and there did not seem to be enough storage. 

After 4 hours, the room had two clear seating zones and free flow through to the garden door. There was enough storage for the DVD collection and space for reading books on the coffee table. A fantastic transformation! Our client said, 'Thank you for saving us the money on buying more storage when we didn't need it'.


This bedroom was cluttered with piles of things which didn't have a home. The client often couldn't find what they were looking for and frequently forgot what they owned, causing them to regularly buy duplicates.

After 2 decluttering sessions, several sacks of unwanted things were taken to the charity shop or recycling. We were then able to sort through the 'keepers'. We grouped similar things together and found homes for them in the places where they would be used. We used clear storage boxes where possible and labelled everything so items could be found quickly when needed.

Another look at the clutter before we get to work.
After several hours, the floor is clear and the bedside table can be used again.

Spare Room

This spare room had become hard to use as it was full of clothing and bags that didn't really have a home. The room itself didn't have a clearly defined purpose so in defining it as a laundry and guest bedroom helped the client think about what should be stored there. 

After just over 3 hours we were able to transform this room, focussing on clearing the floor and re-assigning the contents of the storage units.

The bed before decluttering
3 hours later
The storage units were mostly under used
Keep the floor in front of storage clear for easy access. Use surfaces but try not to clutter with lots of items


This bedroom was overwhelmed by clothes and things that didn't have a home. It was hard to put things away because the drawers and wardrobes were so full of things. The clutter had grown over a year or so and was beginning to get in the way of every day living. 

After two sessions of 3 hours, we were able to clear the floor and the surfaces. The client worked hard in between our appointments to sort the wardrobe and this helped us progress much faster. The British Heart Foundation collected several items of unwanted furniture for free and the charity shop received 32 bags of stuff! 

Another view of the bedroom before we got stuck in
After 6 hours work it is tidy and organised

Medicine Cupboard

This medicine cupboard had got completely out of control and it was tricky to pull anything out without the whole lot coming with it.

Sort through old medicines carefully. Take any out of date items to your local chemist and they will dispose of them for you. Keep medicines in their boxes so you you can clearly identify them and know the dosage. Label everything wherever possible so you can easily find what you are looking for.


This kitchen was full of paperwork, leaving the surfaces cluttered. There was no room for food preparation and it was difficult for our client to clean effectively or cook meals without getting frustrated.

After two sessions of 3 and a half hours, we sorted through all the paperwork, designating a new area in the dining room as a work space. We found homes for all the kitchen equipment and cleaned the surfaces. There is now plenty of usable space and it is a much less frustrating environment to work in. Our client said, 'You are absolutely amazing at what you do!'

Children's Playroom

This playroom had lots of fantastic toys for the children to play with, but it was difficult for them to find what they were looking for. Toys were buried behind other toys and at the end of playtime everything was thrown into a box without any organisation.

We created a reading zone in this corner, with space to sit and snuggle up with a book. The client hopes to make further improvements, placing hooks on the back of the door (which is not used!) to hang up blankets, a peg rail on the left wall to hang dressing up clothes and maybe a toy hammock for cuddly teddies.

This corner was exploding with toys but it became a dumping ground for everything that didn't have a home. It was impossible to find anything and just looked a mess.

After several hours of sorting and purging, a construction zone was created, with lego and building toys grouped together. The client can now see what storage is needed in this corner and hopes to buy a drawer unit to store these toys more neatly. 


Our client said, 'I now feel like I'm totally on top of everything and tidying up at the end of the day has become a pleasure - something I never thought I'd say!' 


This lounge had become overwhelmed with things following a downsizing move. The client didn't know where to begin and the clutter was beginning to spread across the whole room. 

The floor and seating was gradually disappearing under all the things which had no where to live and it was becoming increasingly difficult to use this room.

After just 3 hours decluttering, we cleared the floor, re-arranged the furniture, booked a charity to collect the outgoing furniture and loaded the car boot with things for the charity shop.

The room feels much more spacious and is usable again. Our client said, 'thank you so much for today. I am sitting on my sofa with a big smile on my face. It makes so much difference to my state of mind'. 

Spare Room

This spare room was full of laundry and unpacked wedding presents. The presents needed a temporary place to be stored whilst the kitchen was out of action, but they were spread across the room blocking access and furniture. The laundry was getting in the way and the clutter was slowly growing!

After a few hours, the floor was clear, the furniture accessible and the wedding presents stored together on the bed. 6 sacks went to the charity shop and a couple of bags to the tip. Once the new kitchen is finished the gifts will be unpacked and the bed brought back into use again! In the meantime this space is earning it's keep again.


Our client said, 'thank you Lynda for giving me my home back!'

Living room

This living room was out of control with children's toys, books and plants taking over. It had become a dumping ground, because nothing had a place to live.

After 4 hours of decluttering and organising, this room was transformed into a relaxing, practical space. 


Our client said, 'I can't believe what you have done to my house! It's perfect!'. 

Kitchen dresser

This kitchen dresser was full of clutter and it was impossible to find anything. It was impractical and looked messy.

After a 4 hour session sorting, clearing and organising, the dresser looked well presented and became an information point for the home. Clutter was cleared away and everything had a place and could be easily found. 

Hall cupboard

This cupboard was so full of stuff that it was no longer accessible. You couldn't get to the things you needed because something else was in the way. Things were long forgotten about and it was no longer serving any purpose.

A few hours later and 4 sacks of recycling and 3 sacks for the tip, this cupboard was usable again! The filing cabinet was re-assigned to the temporary office where it could be put to good use again. A lick of paint and a few shelves and hooks and this cupboard will really be earning it's keep again.

Junk Room Clearance

This room was being used to store excess shopping and things which didn't have a home. It had grown over the years and the client no longer knew what was in there.  

After two days, several trips to the dump and charity shops, and a re-organisation of the garden shed, this room was emptied to become a blank canvas! It's now ready to be decorated and turned into a hobby room!

Dining Room

This living room was completely over run with washing and ironing! We have been helping the client develop a regular washing and ironing routine to avoid build ups like this. 

We moved the table and dealt with all the washing. We organised the cupboards and cleared the floor. Organising one room, often impacts another and the under stairs cupboard has been sorted out to accommodate the ironing board.