Covid 19 Risk Statement

I have introduced new policies and procedures during Covid 19 to ensure the lowest risk possible during our sessions. 


All clients will be asked to read the following risk statement and sign the declaration before commencing any sessions. 


Risk Statement

Wherever possible, 2 metre social distancing will be maintained throughout the session by the client and Tidy Rooms. 


Where 2 metres is not possible, 1 metre plus will be implemented and may include: 

  • wearing a face mask

  • working in separate areas of the home

  • working side to side or back to back rather than face to face

  • wearing gloves

Please ventilate your property with open windows and doors wherever possible.  


I will be mindful of good hand hygiene and will bring hand sanitiser with me. 


I will bring antibacterial wipes should they be needed for cleaning surfaces or objects. 


It may not be possible for me to take items to the charity shop. I will be able to advise you during our session. 


The day before I attend your home I will contact you to confirm that there has been no change to either of our situations.


I reserve the right to reschedule, cancel or leave the session if I feel I cannot guarantee safe working conditions for myself and/or my client. 


I may amend this document at any time subject to changes within the Government guidelines.


Client Declaration

  1. Symptoms. I have not experienced any of the Covid 19 symptoms in the last 14 days. i.e. a high temperature, a new and continuous cough or  the loss of or alteration to my taste or smell.
  2. Contact. I have not been in contact with anyone who has been confirmed as having Covid 19 within the last 14 days.                    
  3. Travel. I have not been required to quarantine in the last 14 days following UK or overseas travel.
  4. Test & Trace. If a positive test result is received by either of us within 48 hours of working together we agree to immediately inform the other so that we can follow NHS guidelines and take the appropriate action. If we are contacted by the NHS Test & Trace service we will be obliged to share contact details with them. Tidy Rooms will not divulge the nature of our working relationship.
  5. Liability. If a positive test result is received by either party, no liability will be accepted or assumed by the client, or by Lynda Wylie of Tidy Rooms.

I confirm that the information provided above is correct at the time of signing. 


I will notify you immediately of any changes to this declaration. 


Thank you.