Covid 19 Risk Statement

In light of Covid 19, I have introduced new policies and procedures to ensure the lowest risk possible during live sessions at your home.

You will be invited to sign the following risk statement prior to any session taking place. 

Wherever possible, 2 metres social distancing will be maintained throughout the session by the client and Tidy Rooms.

Where 2 metres is not possible, 1 metre plus will be implemented and may include: wearing a face mask; working in seperate areas of the home; working side to side rather than face to face; wearing gloves. 

You will ventilate your property with open windows and doors wherever possible. 

I will be mindful of good hand hygiene and will bring hand sanitiser with me. 

I will bring antibacterial spray and kitchen towel should it be required for cleaning surfaces or objects. 

The day before I attend your home, I will contact you to confirm that there has been no change in either of our situations. 

I reserve the right to reschedule, cancel or leave the session if I do not feel able to guarantee the safety of myself or my client. 

I may ammend this statement at any time subject to changes within Government guidelines.