Testimonials from our clients

Sarah in South West London 


It's no exaggeration to say that working with Lynda will change your life for the better! She is calm, methodical, super-organised and efficient. She has loads of great tips for how you can organise each room in your house so that you don't go back to your old (bad!) habits.

She transformed my study, which was unusable and buried under mountains of paper, organising all the cupboards and storage and setting up easy to use systems. What we achieved in a very short space of time was so impressive that I asked her to come back and help me sort out my kitchen and utility room, again with amazing - and easily maintainable - results. Lynda is a pleasure to work with and I can't recommend her highly enough!

Anthony in Middlesex


Lynda is a complete marvel! I had to declutter and organise my house ready for a move following a bereavement. Lynda provided the perfect mix of gentle encouragement, motivation, bright ideas, organisational skill, empathy, cheerfulness, moral and practical support. For the first time in my life I've discovered the satisfaction of knowing exactly where all my belongings are when I need them, whoever knew that was even possible!


If you need decluttering help, don't hesitate, a Lynda in your life is absolutely what you need, book her immediately!

Angela in South West London
I am so grateful to Lynda.  We have been transforming my home together and now there is much more space and infinitely better organisation.  She has also helped me to maintain the space we have created.   I am now much more restrained with my shopping.  
Lynda is magnificent when confronted with a scene of serious clutter.  She steps in bravely and with a practical plan to clear and bring order.  Lynda's skills in ergonomics are remarkable and I have learned to trust her instincts about the placing of furniture, its contents and of household equipment for quick and easy access.  It is invaluable to work with an expert who has such a methodical and well-considered approach.
I have appreciated Lynda's calm and kind approach.  It is highly effective and we have had fun working our way through a variety of challenges.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Jessica in Surbiton


I would 100% recommend Lynda. She helped us turn our kitchen from a room that overwhelmed us and we hated spending time in, to one we now smile at every morning. 


She completely understood what we wanted to achieve from the day and we couldn't have done it without her. Every decision is made simple with her and we didn't feel forced to throw anything away/donate to the charity shop. She focused on what we wanted to KEEP instead of what we wanted to LOSE which we found made decluttering a lot easier. 


The additional research into storage options/cleaning supplies is something I was very impressed by and had not expected. 


Overall a very positive experience!

Judith in Surrey


Lynda has worked with me for over six months to transform our home from top to bottom, as well as our garden shed and garage. It has been a wonderful experience. We now have a beautiful home that I'm proud of and I know where everything is. I've let go of a huge amount to charity and loads of recycling at the tip. I'll be working with Lynda on a regular basis to keep on top of everything. She is very kind and not judgemental and it has been a pleasure. 

Vicki in Surrey


Lynda helped re-organise my children's playroom as it had got completely out of hand. I was just dumping toys in random boxes at the end of each day and it was really getting to me. But I couldn't face the huge job of organising it alone.


Lynda was amazing, going through everything and also rearranging everything into different areas which I had never thought of doing before. 


I now feel like I'm totally on top of everything and tidying up at the end of the day has become a pleasure - something I never thought I'd say! My children are also playing with toys they haven't seen for ages and keep telling everyone that they have a new playroom! 


Thank you Lynda, you were an absolute star and I've been telling all of my friends about you!

Rebecca in Surrey

I can't thank Lynda enough for all the help she has given me getting on top of the nightmare that WAS our house! The builders arrived a year ago now for 8 -12 weeks. Various disasters happened, and here we are a year later with an incomplete extension.

Everything was in the wrong place, and the spare room, dining room and study had slowly become dumping grounds for things that would have, but didn't currently have a home. On top of this, things that did have homes, but that we couldn't get to, started to accumulate. I knew I was in big trouble, and that I couldn't tackle this alone!

Lynda to the rescue. Over three days Lynda helped me to transform three completely unusable rooms into wide open spaces. And as I sit typing this at my (lovely clear) desk I am so grateful to Lynda for her help. We achieved far more that I thought possible, and now, the only things that are in the wrong place are the fridge, the hall unit and a lovely big pile of wedding pressies that we have yet to open (waiting for the
lovely new kitchen!)

Lynda's style is fabulous, she is a dynamo, who gets you moving, but doesn't push you to get rid of anything you don't want to. It is impossible to argue with her logic, and the results speak for themselves!


So thank you thank you thank you Lynda for giving me my home back!

Camilla in Kent


Lynda came to my rescue after a serious melt down and panic had set in. I was 12 weeks pregnant, feeling sick as a dog, exhausted looking after 2 kids and a husband and working 3 days a week. The prospect of packing up a house and moving for the 10th time in 6  years was looming and I knew my husband wouldn't lift a finger - busy time at work! I emailed Lynda 2 days before the big move and amazingly she came to my rescue at the last minute. 


The day after we moved, Lynda arrived like Mary Poppins, with all the gear including knee pads! I knew then this lady meant serious business! We unpacked in record time but Lynda made me go through everything finding it an appropriate home. She made me think about the layout of my rooms and helped with organising the playroom. I think we chucked out 2 boot loads of stuff! The kids still haven't noticed!


Aside from the tidying and organising, Lynda recommended great online storage retailers which probably saved me hours researching on the internet. 


I can't thank Lynda enough - if I could afford it I'd have her back every 6 months to help me look at my household systems and help me improve the running of the house. With baby 3 on the way and juggling work and the school run, I'm going to need a house that runs like clockwork! Lynda set me on my way - I just need to keep it up! Thank you!

Leonie in South West London


Lynda has helped me transform my life from being one big mountain of work and mess to get through, to being an organised schedule of manageable tasks and a minimal daily mess - that can be cleaned up within 20 minutes of any given time! Everything now has its place and is neatly containerised and labelled for easy access and compact living.


I had such fun organising my life knowing that Lynda was going to come around and talk me through the necessary changes and then check up on me which motivated me.


I would have to say that the biggest change for me was my weekly routine and schedule. By sticking to this, I now have more time to concentrate on my home-based photography business, and can spend fun time with my baby girl, AND can even find 5 minutes to read a book whilst soaking in a warm bath! In actual fact, my whole family is having more relaxed fun together - even hubby gets a lovely meal when he gets home from work (most nights, anyway!!!). Thank you Lynda. 

Anne in Hampshire


After two days of hard work with many trips to the Charity Shops and local dump we now have a room that can be used. This would never have been achieved without the help and advice of Tidy Rooms.

Flip in Leatherhead 


Having spent many hours working with and talking to Lynda, I can't praise too highly her organisational understanding, attention to detail and enthusiasm for her calling - plus her empathy for those with whom she works.


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