In the media

Tidy Rooms featured in Good Housekeeping

Lynda was part of a feature in Good Housekeeping magazine all about sustainable decluttering approaches. There are 8 fantastic tips to help you declutter effectively and with a good conscience - like recycling and choosing simplicity. You can read the article here

Tidy Rooms featured in Terry's Blinds

Lynda was delighted to be invited to feature on a Designer Insights page with Terry's Blinds. She talked about how she came to be a declutterer and what inspired her to do the job she does. 

Tidy Rooms quoted in The Times

Lynda was quoted in the Times as part of an article about decluttering your children's rooms. One of Lynda's favourite tips is to make decluttering part of your everyday activities. In the article she suggests sorting out your kid's bath toys whilst they are having a bath!


Other ways to make decluttering part of your everyday routine might be to tidy a kitchen cupboard whilst the kettle boils or the kids eat their tea; to sort out the kid's craft materials as they do their homework; or throw out old bed linen when you're putting the clean washing away or tackle your understairs cupboard the next time you get the hoover out of it!

Tidy Rooms at the

Ideal Home Show

Lynda was invited to be a decluttering expert in the Ideal Advice Centre at the Ideal Home Show. This was a great opportunity to advise and encourage members of the public undertaking decluttering projects. 

Tidy Rooms featured in The Sun

An article in The Sun all about Spring cleaning featured decluttering tips from Lynda. Lynda suggested scheduling decluttering into your diary so you know it will happen and picking a time when you have lots of energy. Use memory boxes to keep treasures you find it hard to let go of. Team up with a friend to help motivate you.

Tidy Rooms quoted in The Times

Lynda was quoted in The Times as part of the Bricks and Mortar section. An article about decluttering by Jayne Dowle included tips from Apdo-UK members. Lynda suggested taking a photo before you start decluttering a room, and then spend some time looking at it imagining it was someone else's place - what might you change? Lynda also suggested placing a couple of objects you really love onto a clutter-prone surface to discourage you from spoiling the look you have created.  

Guest blogging

Lynda wrote a blog all about being a professional organiser, volunteer and mother for well-known organiser Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organising. Read Lynda's top 5 tips for keeping on top of a busy home, growing business and volunteering comitments!


Workshop No 2 at The Medicine Garden

The Company of Mums

Around 10 ladies came along to each of 2 workshops organised by the Company of Mums. We spent a fun couple of hours thinking about how to declutter and Lynda shared some of her favourite tips. You can read all about it on the Company of Mums Clutter Blog. 

Redhill Workshop helps get you started

More than 45 people came along to Redhill to hear practical tips and ideas on how to start decluttering. It was a great day with everyone going away with an action plan personal to their needs. We talked about the practical steps to ensure you declutter successfully and how to deal with particular problem areas such as wardrobes, photographs and a draw of doom! We hope to run another workshop in the future. Watch our website for further details or check out Surrey Libraries for their workshop programme.

Surrey women's group

Lynda and her colleague Cherry Rudge from Rainbow Red, gave a talk to a women's group all about decluttering your home and your life. Tips included following the decluttering cycle to keep on top of things and approaching decluttering as an ongoing process rather than just a one off clear out. We talked about how you can make space in your diary and your home for the things you treasure and the group shared their decluttering experiences to help make it a rewarding interactive talk. If you or a group you know would be interested in receiving a talk or workshop, please contact her on 07950 253 773.   

Declutter workshop in Leatherhead

Alongside Cherry Rudge of Rainbow Red, Lynda delivered a workshop in Leatherhead to nearly 80 people. The 3 hour workshop talked about clutter, how to tackle it, the organising process, where to get rid of your stuff and who to turn to for help. Lynda and Cherry gave their time for free and all proceeds went to Transition Bookham