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September 2019


It's much easier to organise less. Arranging 5 pairs of shoes on a rack is simpler than wrestling with 30. So when you first set out to get organised, always declutter before sourcing the appropriate storage to contain and arrange your keepers. After all, the storage you'll need for 5 pairs of shoes will be very different to what you'll need for 30. 


Now you're ready to organise, here are 3 great tips to help ensure your decluttering is a long term success: 

  1. Never buy storage until after you've decluttered. Your new boxes and organisers might end up surplus to requirements.
  2. Store your keepers where you will use them. Having everything to hand avoids the irritation of having to hunt them down first. 
  3. Label everything. You'll be able to find what you're looking for quickly and easily if they're clearly marked. 


Once you're ready to source your storage, what do you look for? Aside from your personal style and taste, you'll need storage that neatly contains your things and allows easy retrieval without frustration. Here are some storage ideas for some of the most common areas in the home that benefit from an organised touch: 


Inside your drawers

Drawer dividers allow you to group similar items together so the contents doesn't get mixed up. Ikea Skubb boxes are extremely versatle and can be used for drawers all over the house from underwear and scarves, to stationery and crafts. Shoe boxes and other empty boxes also do a fantastic job and won't break the bank. 


Folding clothes and standing them upright in a drawer allows you to see immediately what you've got and enables you to easily slot things back in when it's time to put them away. Using a canvas box in the bottom of a wardrobe can help prevent a huge pile of clothes gathering. 


On the wall

Using the wall to maximise storage potential is often overlooked, but shelves and hooks can truly transform a cluttered area. They're a simple and effective way to keep things off the floor and provide a permanent home to return things once you're done. They are particularly good in hallways, home offices, kitchens and dining rooms where there are often supplies that need to be kept together and ready at a moments notice. 


Use hooks for children's school bags, work bags, cycle hats, even scooters. Add baskets to your shelves to prevent the spread of clutter across the shelf. 


Under beds

Keeping under the bed clear is great for easy cleaning, but sometimes using it for storage is unavoidable. If organised well, it can be an invaluable storage area. Shoe bags allow you to keep several pairs in a compartmentalised bag, whilst the Ikea Skubb zip bag is great for storing out of season clothes, bedding or your chidlren's next sized clothing - all dust free. 


If you're extra short of space, vacuum bags are an essential item. They compress your clothing or bedding so they can be stored compactly until you need them. 


In the loft

Lofts are ideal for things you need infrequently such as Christmas decorations, seasonal sports equipment and suitcases. Storage needs to be dust and moisture proof and sturdy clear boxes with a solid closing mechanism are often the best. Really Useful Boxes are a favourite of mine. Remember not to overfill them or they'll be too heavy to carry up the stairs. Keep them small enough to fit through the hatch too! If you want to be extra organised, put a list or map at the entrance to your loft so you know where to find things when you need them. 


In the kitchen

Some of the best products to maximise your ktichen storage space, can be found at Lakeland. Here are 3 to give you an idea of what's available: 


  1. The expandable shelf organiser. This allows you to see what's stored at the back of a cupboard and is particularly useful for deep cupboards. 
  2. The shelf insert. This helps make the most of a tall cupboard by adding a shelf where a fixed one isn't available. 
  3. The bakeware organiser. This allows you to stand your baking trays upright rather than stacking them on top of each other. 

So, the next time you embark on a decluttering project, remember the golden rule: Declutter first, Organise after. That way you'll only spend your time organisng the treasures you really want to keep and your decluttering will be a long term success. 


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