Putting things in their proper place

Tidy Rooms is about creating a comfortable and relaxing home which contains exactly what you need to live your life in the present, without the stress and frustration caused by clutter. 


Tidy Rooms is not about creating the perfect show home or maintaining your space through rigorous routines and systems. It is not about throwing everything out. It is not about spending all your spare time on tidying up or finding your identity and worth in your home and your things. 


We all need to regularly review our things because our lives (and therefore our needs) change constantly. As time passes, you may find that you own things which are no longer as important to you as they once were. This may be for many different reasons: they may have long since lost their appeal to you, or maybe they were an impulse buy and you have only used them once. They could hold negative memories, or perhaps they are hidden behind all your other things and you have forgotten you even owned them. Perhaps the circumstances of your life have changed and you no longer love or need the same things anymore.


Tidy Rooms is about attaching the proper worth to your things and putting them in their place - whether that be back on the shelf, or in the bin. It's about recognising that your things exist to serve you, not the other way around. It's about understanding that you and your relationships are far more valuable than your things and that when your home is clutter free and in order, you will be free to spend your valuable time getting on with living your life to its full potential!